About Us


How did our family business come to be?

Twisted Faces started over 15 years ago, in 2007. It all started with Sharyn (Mum) wanting to entertain Jenifer and Alicia, who were around 5-7 years old at the time. Sharyn bought a ‘How to Make Balloons’ kit from a local bookstore, and started practicing. She later went to parks to make balloons for the public to get extra practice in. People started asking if she could make balloons at their upcoming events…and that’s pretty much where Twisted Faces kicked off! One by one, the whole family got involved:


At 8 years old, Jenifer was offered a balloon belt if she could tie a balloon by herself. Mum later taught her how to make a few balloon sculptures. Jenifer went along to help out at Mum’s balloon jobs, then eventually got her own!


Of course, Jenifer couldn’t drive herself to balloon jobs at 8 years old…she needed a driver! That’s where Mike (Dad) stepped in. Dad decided to get into balloon twisting just in case Jenifer needed the help.


When Sharyn, Jenifer, and Mike were all balloon twisting, I think Alicia felt a bit of FOMO. At 8 years old, she also decided to join the balloon twisting team…the Twisted Faces Family was born!


We’ve been lucky to have this family business as a natural vehicle for us to develop our daughter's work ethic and knowledge of the ‘real world’ as they grew up. It has always been completely their choice to participate in the business, knowing they could stop taking on new work at any time. They realise however that no work = no pay, and that their agreed work must be followed through. I’m super proud of them and their work in this business over the years!