Artists & Rates


We have 4 artists to choose from, each with a different range of experience and skills! We charge at an hourly rate. The amount of time required depends on guest numbers and the complexity of designs you’d like.


If you’d like, we can help you choose an artist for your event requirements and budget! Simply get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help (visit the ‘Contact Us’ page for a customised quote).


• All prices include travel to central (most) of Auckland, materials, and equipment. We are not registered for GST.

• Minimum hire time is one hour. However, after the initial hour, half-hour additions are accepted.

• All of our artists are covered by public liability insurance.


Below, from left to right: Sharyn, Jenifer, Alicia, and Mike (2018)



Professional balloon artist (15+ years) and face painter.


I have the experience, speed, and to make virtually any balloon sculpture you want! I have an extensive experience in a wide range of public and private events, attended international balloon conferences, and started Twisted Faces!


$210 per hour

$160 per hour - after first hour


Balloons PLUS Face Paint price


$170 per hour





Professional balloon artist (10+ years).


My husband, Mike, has been a balloon artist since 2012. He makes the same balloon sculptures as Jenifer, plus a few extras like dragons, Mickey Mouse, etc. He has done balloon twisting work at Spark, Les Mills, Bear Park, Edukids, New Lynn Business Association, Skycity, birthday parties, and more!



$160 per hour




Professional balloon artist (12+ years) and face painter.


Jenifer is 20 years old and started balloon twisting in 2010. Yes, that’s right; since she was 8 years old!


Jenifer offers a great selection of balloon sculptures: bow and arrows, buzzy bees, large colourful octopus, giant spiders, Spiderman, aliens, mermaids, princesses, ride-in unicorns, ladybugs, swords, balloon animals, airplanes, flowers, butterflies, etc etc. She also boasts an impressive client list: Auckland City Council, Whitcoulls, Christmas in the Park, Tenix, Playcentre, PWC, Blockhouse Bay Business Association, Auckland Seafood Festival, and Bell Tea & Coffee Company.



$160 per hour



Professional balloon artist (10+ years).


Alicia is 18 years old, and also happened to start balloon twisting at 8 years old!


Her range is a little simpler but still offers plenty of choice: bow and arrows, ride-in horses, large colourful octopus, giant spiders, mermaids, princesses, superheroes, swords, classic one balloon animals, airplanes, flowers, butterflies, etc. She’s worked in balloon twisting at Pumpkin Patch, Westpac Helicopter Trust, Master Builders Association, and many birthday parties of course.



$140 per hour