Welcome to Twisted Faces!

Twisted Faces (“Twisted” = twisting balloons, “Faces” = face painting), offer the best of both worlds!

We are a family business; our artists include Sharyn (Mum), Mike (Dad), and daughters Jenifer and Alicia. All four of us are balloon sculptors, plus Sharyn and Jenifer also face paint using the best quality European makeup. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.



What is Balloon Twisting?

The art of creating sculptures from balloons, traditionally long skinny ones. People will usually refer to these as “balloon animals”, however animals are just the beginning of what we can create! We tie and twist together all sorts of different balloons to create the perfect take-home souvenir for your event.


Product Quality

Our balloons are 100% BIODEGRADABLE and photodegradable! They are made from latex, which is derived from rubber trees. We also don’t use helium when balloon twisting, just normal air. We always encourage proper disposal of popped or deflated balloons.


For face painting, we use the best quality European makeup. Our paints are hypo-allergenic, vegan, and safe on skin.